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Sarasota Asset Protection Attorney

Estate Planning Lawyer Serving Individuals and Families on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast

Your family has worked hard to save their assets for the future. Under Florida’s probate laws, however, you cannot assume that your surviving spouse and children will automatically receive the assets upon your death. Make sure you have a solid, up-to-date asset protection plan in place.

The Darnell Law Group offers a full range of estate planning services for individuals, families and estate representatives along Florida’s Central Gulf Coast region. Attorney Robert W. Darnell has more than 28 years of experience helping people with strategies that meet their immediate and long-term objectives for estate preservation.

Mr. Darnell is a licensed accountant with experience helping clients with strategies to reduce inheritance taxes.

Asset Protection Strategies and Services include:
  • Wills – drafted, updated and revised: The only way to make certain your final wishes will be adhered to upon your death is to make sure you have a valid will in place. Attorney Robert W. Darnell will explain the process and make sure the language of your will is clear and concise regarding the transfer of real estate and other assets to your surviving spouse, heirs and beneficiaries. He can also help you with revisions and updates that reflect major changes in your life such as the death of a spouse, a divorce or remarriage, or meeting the special needs of a child or grandchild with a disability.
  • Trusts: Under federal and state law, estate holders have the option of placing assets into a trust, to be distributed to heirs and beneficiaries under specific circumstances. Assets may be placed in trust to remove current tax liabilities. The Darnell Law Group will explain various options for living and testamentary trusts and help you set up the trust to meet your specific goals. Mr. Darnell has extensive experience with specific types of trusts, including pet trusts.
  • Advance Planning Tools: The firm can also help you with legal instruments such as advance health care directives and powers of attorney.

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