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Sarasota Probate Attorney

Probate Lawyer Serving Families For Nearly 3 Decades

The Darnell Law Group assists individuals, families and estate administrators with all matters related to probate in Florida courts throughout the Central Gulf Coast region. Under the direction of attorney Robert W. Darnell, the firm has earned recognition for efficient, cost-effective legal counsel.

The Probate Process With A Will (Testate Probate)

Even with a valid, updated will in place, it is still important to make sure the decedent’s assets are accounted for and distributed according to the terms and conditions of the will. Attorney Robert W. Darnell will assist the executor or executrix in the final probate process, tax issues and administration of the estate. Testate probate services include working with creditors who may have a claim against assets, handling the final details of contractual obligations, business succession and real estate title transfers. Mr. Darnell will also assist in the administration and transfer of assets and property to named heirs and beneficiaries.

Without A Will (Intestate Probate)

If your loved one died without a valid will, or you are unable to locate the will, it will be necessary to appeal to the probate court for the transfer of property and assets to the surviving spouse and heirs. This is referred to as the intestate probate process. Mr. Darnell will work vigorously to make sure assets are transferred quickly and effectively.

Handling The Estate Of A Deceased Person If You Don’t Live In Florida

Florida’s Central Gulf Coast region is home to more than one million retirees who have moved to the area from other states throughout the U.S. If you do not reside in Florida, but require the assistance of a local probate attorney to handle the final affairs of your loved one’s estate, turn to The Darnell Law Group for assistance. Mr. Darnell has extensive experience working with nonstate residents to resolve local probate matters.